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So, welcome to the new website.

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  1. kukuna_o_ka_la
    January 8th, 2009 at 17:42 | #1

    . The point is that the U.S.A. is trying to convince the kanaka maoli that they might as well join the indians where they can have a big casino on each island. Then just wait by the mailbox for a monthly check. “Forget about the ‘aina and pulling taro in the lo’i !”

    So the question comes up. What people do the kanaka maoli belong with if not indigenous North Americans ? I used to talk about it all the time with Richard Kinney. Hawaiians do NOT chew betel nuts. They drink kava ‘awa. There’s the “Polynesian Triangle”. Te Rangi Hiroa is a character of the Pacific, a Viking of the Pacific. The Kanaka Maoli sit not with “indians” but at the table with Tongans, Mangarevans, Marquesans, Maori, Tahitians, etc. I spoke with a Tahitian at my register at Wal- Mart. “So, my friend, I heard that you folks shot and killed a lot of Europeans ??” He answered “Piles of ‘em !” I told him “Over here we not like that.”

    Then there are the low profile Samoans. Totally independent like the Tongans. Low profile and quiet. Ever hear much about what used to be called “Western Samoa” ??

    So I was thinking about the Akaka Bill. I thought:

    The Kanaka Maoli should give these bastards an unequivocal answer to their fucking project to turn Our Queen into a Queen over scalpers ! Let’s take our whole government to ———- West End Moloka’i looking out on O’ahu and sit down with delegations from all the Polynesian Islands, all our peoples. Many will need funds to get here from their little obscure outlying sand spits. Polynesians all ! Polynesians totally ignored by the empires. Recall Thomas Square where the idea was: “No! No! No! This little Kingdom is NOT to be molested. What assholes have been so stupid as to strike their colors ??” Our King had to say nothing at all. He sat on horseback as our colors were run up the pole at Thomas Square.

    There are so many Polynesians who have been overlooked. Convene and show Akaka that he is out of his frigging mind !! What ?? The Kanaka Maoli residing in The Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington, D.C. to get handouts ?? You are nuts ! Look around here ! Look into the faces of these people, watermen ! Dan Akaka, take your monthly checks and poke them where the sun don’t shine. The watermen in this hemisphere do not behold and travel landlocked lakes and seas. The horizons are open with no lands to be seen in the distance. The populations are alone. The seas are rough. The seaman have courage. Sure Nainoa Thompson went down to Tahiti bullshitting. Then, when martial law was declared to test nukes, the Tahitians went down to the beach to await the Hawaiian Brothers and the Hokulea never showed. But that’s the exception.

    We are letting them tell us what the game will be and how it will be played. Why ?? Turn the eyes of the world, not on Native Alaskans, but on the open seas of the Polynesian Triangle ! Their big imperial navies will be recognized immediately for the criminal mustering of defenseless Polynesians on lonely beaches ! Starting with the Spanish and the Portuguese, they appeared with their fancy ships, their flags, and their Bibles under their arms to search lonely beaches for hiding Polynesians. The whole world knows this but the Kanaka Maoli is letting the whole world forget their crimes. The Tahitians are quiet. The Tongans are quiet. The Samoans are quiet. It’s for the Kanaka Maoli to make the Pacific Ocean seem small. If we can bridge these waters and bring these islands into contact with one another, the U.S.A. will not stand a chance at trumpeting their lies. The Polynesians know these United States Navy Officers ! They see their ships plying these waters on the horizons. We see their attitude. We know that they are hosing plutonium out of their nuclear reactors into the waters of Pearl Harbor. We know that, once they are gone, we will have a hell of a time cleaning up their criminal polution.

    “Recognition !” Do the Kanaka Maoli need this “recognition” ?? Do we need monthly checks and maybe some casinos ?? Do we need to have people say: “Oh ? the Hawaiians ? They have it made ! They get their monthly checks. They have their casinos generating income 24 hours a day. They just sit around with one eye always looking for the mailman to deliver another check. They are so lucky we relieved them of all their land worries. And we threw in eternal life with sweet Jesus to boot ! I wish I could get ripped- off like them.”

    Who the Kanaka Maoli are is right out there over the horizon. The proud chiefs are out there. The brave watermen are out there. And there’s absolutely nothing “ancient” about them ! Some of them are wealthy. Some of them might be able to help us to see independence like them. Let’s invite them to come here. Let’s naturalize some of them. Let’s issue passports to some of them.

  2. eire anne
    December 16th, 2009 at 21:52 | #2

    I do not understand the concept of the Hawaiians wanting to ceced from the US…. The islands of Hawaii bubbled out of the Earth millions of years ago…. people…plants and animals came to these islands…. they were not on this land from the very beggining… like the American Indians or people of Alaska… where the tetionic plates floating over lava oceans moved them around…. the Hawaiians got in a boat and rowed over from some other place…. they do not deserve or should claim to have any more authority over the Islands then the Europeans or the Americans…. The dominant culture takes over…. realisticlly…. what would Hawaii look like with out the US? DO Hawaiians want to reap the benifits set in place by the US….yes…. do the Hawaiins want to go back to climbing coco nut trees and pounding taro … no …. Look at the other islands surrounding Hawaii and ask your self… why not live there amoungst the native culture and poverty….but no…. take the advantages of the US… the tourist dollars…. then complain about your lost culture…. reinstate your culture as a legacy to the children…..but don’t cut off your nose to spite your face….. realize if the impossible was to take place and the US left Hawaii to the natives…. what would happen to the economy….. the poverty that would arrise… think of Haiti….. google that…. drugs prositiution…. no education…. think about it

  3. Administrator
    December 17th, 2009 at 09:44 | #3

    Hi Eire, perhaps you’d like to kickstart some discussion on the forum: http://hawaii-gov.net/forum/

  4. bradah den
    July 9th, 2010 at 16:57 | #4

    bradahs n sistas,

    let me tell how you can get hawaii back, from the haoles. bradahs, the haole are
    making a fool out of the hawaiian peoples, and i just can’t stand why none
    the hawaiian people. just can’t see what the haoles, brainwash their heads!
    first of all bradahs, there is no such thing as kings or queens, prince, and
    princess. there is no hawaiian words for any of those. and who do you think
    created the hawaiian race, it was the haoles. bradah,your hawaiian history goes
    back to late 18th century. guess who was also here at that time, the haoles.
    don’t tell me that when captain cook came, a person name king kamehameha greeted
    him. well thats what history said, right. then kamehameha knew english before
    he even seen a whiteman. and let me tell you about the story how he became king.
    let me ask you this, if you live in the big island all your life, do you think
    the island maui exist? now try think who the hell someone from big island, knows
    that their is a king on maui? bradah, don’t you get it! kamehameha was not even
    a king, when he went to maui, to kill the king there. now do you think anyone
    of his friends would go and help him? would you? bradah, this is all nonsence!!
    i don’t know why you believe this. but let me tell why this happen. bradah, the
    haoles in europe, back in the day when there was kings n queens. when britain went to war with france, the country that wins, is by killing the king. when that
    happens they control that country also. the haoles, plan it here in hawaii also.
    make up a king of hawaii, make him unify the islands, then overthrow it the
    kingdom, to have the whole hawaii islands!!! thats the haole plan!
    bradah, wake up there was no such person (king kamehameha) or kamehameha, the haoles made him up! bradahs, how can you not see what the haoles are brainwashing
    you. do you think there was a kamehameha army or navy? bradah, you must be a fool.
    bradah, why did your father not teach you to speak hawaiian? our ask him why your
    grandfather did not teach him hawaiian? because there is no one can speak flulent
    hawaiian. the haole are the one who are created the hawaiian langauge. and if there
    was a king or queen in hawaii, you need money. to pay for your army n navy. so how
    did the haoles get there money, they collected tax from the peoples. now hawaii
    never had money, no tell me the king or queen of hawaii, collected pakalolos from
    the people. and by the way their don’t even no what is money, let alone need it!
    bradahs, wake up there is no such thing as king kamehameha, never had was one.
    only a fairy tale that was told by the haoles,to get control of the hawaiian islands. but down part is, even if the first polynesia that came to hawaii, and
    was known to be hawaiians, that does not mean that you owned the the land.
    in a civilize country that have document to prove that it there land. it is there
    advantage. bradah, you don’t know kamehameha, your father don’t know him, your
    great,grandfather don’t know him, your great,great,grandfather don’t know him.
    but if not for the haoles, you would not have heard of him!!! sorry bradahs n sistas, but time for you to wake up!!!

  5. Kapu
    March 31st, 2011 at 22:39 | #5

    I made a contribution to the cause last week at the chicken BBQ north of Lahaina. I am back on the mainland now. Where can I get a “reinstated nation” bumpersticker? I want to spread the work here in AZ.


  6. Kapu
    March 31st, 2011 at 22:44 | #6

    @eire anne

    Hawaii could become a sovereign nation and control it’s own situation without losing the economic benefits of tourism and trade. Every people, every geographic area should be able to determine their own government without outside influence. Though I am haole, I have aloha in my heart. Hawaii is like heaven on earth to me, removed from politics of the mainland when left to control it’s destiny.

  7. iallfree
    May 7th, 2011 at 20:57 | #7

    Hawai’i could and would prosper if reinstated, many people come from all over to be there-to see it’s beauty- and reap the benefits from being there. If reinstated- they would not lose their culture- or any of the things that they have gained from being part of the U.S.

    As far as climbing coconut trees- and pounding Taro- these foods are far more healthier than the ones that the mainstream U.S. culture has imposed on them. I would be glad to see the lack of fast food in paradise.

    In fact, I think they should re look at what foods were from the US versus from their own culture, and stop believing that these foods that are US made, are ‘good’ – they aren’t.

    Someone told me that the HI wouldn’t know what to do without their big trucks and all the stuff that came with being a part of the US.

    All that support would not be lost- just different- which comes with a different way of life, one that is self sufficient and self supportive. I am in favor of HI becoming reinstated, it’s time anyways.

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