Frequently Asked Questions

Is this effort sponsored with U.S. federal grants or State of Hawai’i funding?
Absolutely not!  This initiative has been funded with donations from private citizens.  It receives no financial assistance from any organization.  Every officer in this government pays for their own travel and lodging expenses upon the occasion of legislative conventions.  This process is not influenced by federal, state or county funding.

Won’t independence from the United States hurt Hawai’i’s economy?
No.  It will be liberated.  Kamehameha the Third—not Uncle Sam—initiated the process that moved Hawai’i from a subsistence-based society to a free market economy.  The local economy kept on going after its lawful government was overthrown and will continue after its government returns. Imagine a Hawai’i unfettered by restrictive U.S. federal regulations that exercises its own national trade policy.

This is apartheid!
Wrong.  Apartheid occurs when one group of citizens of a country actively oppresses another group of citizens of the same country on the basis of race.  The residents of Hawai’i who CHOOSE to retain their U.S. citizenship cannot make that claim against those who are citizens of the reinstated Hawaiian Government.  There isn’t a nation on the planet that places the interests of its non-citizens over the interests of its citizens.

Why do I have to give up my United States citizenship to participate in this government?
A U.S. citizen cannot vote in the governmental elections of Japan.  It is a foreign nation to the United States.  The reinstated Hawaiian Government is no different.  Every Hawai’i-born resident has a choice to make: continue your allegiance to the U.S. or apply for naturalization to this nation. If you want to participate in this government, you have to renounce your current citizenship. The Hawaiian government does not tolerate dual citizenship.  Choose a country and be loyal to it.

What is the lawful Hawaiian Government trying to achieve?
The purpose of this government is to reinstate Hawai’i as an independent nation.  To this end, several nationwide efforts were conducted: public notice of the reinstatement initiative, a citizenship drive, revival of the nation’s voting districts, a parliamentary election, a constitutional convention, a plebiscite on ratifying the proposed constitution and the installation of a Prime Minister and the officers of the Executive Cabinet.

If I support this process, what’s in it for me?
You will have the satisfaction of DOING THE RIGHT THING.  The State of Hawai’i presides in Hawai’i under the authority of force (maintained by the well-armed United States of America).  Only the inherent sovereignty of Hawai’i can preside in these islands under the authority of law.  By participating as a citizen or by lending your support, you are restoring the lawful body politic of these islands to power.

What makes you the “lawful Hawaiian Government”?
The persons that last occupied the offices of this government were Queen Lili’uokalani and her cabinet (the executive branch), the Kingdom Legislature (the legislative branch), and the Kingdom Supreme Court (the judicial branch).

While the overthrow and annexation removed them from office, it did not destroy the offices.  The law of nations state that an invading country cannot dissolve the government of the conquered country, it can only put that government in exile.  So the offices have been vacant for one hundred and seven years.  When this truth was discovered, the educational group KAONA went to every community to share this information. The 1893 Protest Letter of Lili’uokalani was an application of international law that preserved the right of her people to re-establish the government that was overthrown.  The Memorial Petition of 1897 signed by 38,000 Hawaiian citizens proved that they never consented to U.S. annexation.  The lawful Hawaiian Government is acknowledged and recognized in paragraph 29 of U.S. Public Law 103-150 as the inherent sovereignty of Hawai’i.

By what authority can you do this?
The same authority that Washington, Madison, Adams, Franklin and Hamilton used in founding the United States of America: the Law of Nations.  The U.S. Constitution states its observance of these laws in Article I, Section 8, Clause 10.  Since it also abides by the law of nations, the Hawaiian Constitution extols the same virtues as the United States.

What separates the lawful Hawaiian Government from all the other sovereignty groups?
We are not a sovereignty group.  We are manifesting the nation that rightfully presided over the Hawaiian Islands before its government was overthrown.  The governments proposed by groups such as Ka Lahui Hawai’i, ‘Aha Hawai’i O’iwi, and the Nation of Hawai’i were devised in charters composed in the last twenty years. The lawful Hawaiian Government was established in 1840 by King Kamehameha the Third.

So what about the State of Hawai’i government?
The state government is what is known as a government de facto (government in fact).  This type of government presides legitimately over a territory and its population in the absence of the government de jure.  A government de facto has less authority than the government de jure.  When the lawful government returns from exile, the government de facto no longer has legal authority.

So this is secession?!
No.  Only the legislature of the State of Hawai’i can authorize secession from the United States.  A reinstated and independent Hawai’i requires no U.S. congressional consent to exercise its authority.  We won’t be submitting a Bill of Secession to the U.S. government.  We don’t need to.  And the U.S. knows it.

If you have any questions you would like answered, you can contact the Office of Communications at (808) 732-3849 or via e-mail at

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